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Need More Kitchen Storage? A Hanging Pot Rack Could Be the Key

By Jennifer Kelly Geddes | | Jan 3, 2022 If you hate digging around crammed kitchen cupboards to find the right pot or pan come dinnertime, a hanging pot rack could change your life. Really. Hanging pot racks are a major space-saver in a kitchen, freeing up cupboard room while Read More

Avoid the Rental Trap in 2022

Keeping Current Matters | Jan 4, 2022 Are you one of the many renters thinking about where you’ll live the next time your lease is up? Before you decide whether to look for a new house or another apartment, it’s important to understand the true costs of renting in 2022. As a Read More

7 Areas to Clean and Purge for The New Year

Blog Source: The Every Girl What is is about a deep clean that makes us feel like we really have our lives together? I’m a firm believer in getting your new year off to a good start, which involves leaving all the clutter and mess back in 2021. Let’s explore Read More


by Tanama Tales For those who enjoy outdoor activities, today I present you with the best easy hikes in Orange County. With the sheer amount of breath-taking landscapes and amazing parks, getting out in Southern California is more than a pleasant experience. Hiking in Orange Country is simply amazing, from Read More